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General HIFU Questions:

What is the learning curve for HIFU?

A committed Physician can learn the procedure after completing the online training, a live case observation, simulator training, and their initial 5 cases (performed alongside our Clinical Urology Specialist and Technical Proctors.) Physicians are encouraged to utilize SonaCare Medical’s exclusive telemonitoring feature, Sonalink, to connect with a clinical applications specialist for the subsequent cases.

What is your training program?
What are the technologist requirements ?

Sonablate® Questions:

What are contraindications for a Sonablate procedure?
  • Presence of significant (>10mm) fluid-filled cavities (for example, cysts), large reflective surfaces (for example, significant calcifications >10mm, urethral stent) observed in the planned ablation zone. Varying attenuation among these tissues may cause an unpredictable size of lesion.

  • Metal implants or stents in the urethra, within the area to be ablated

  • Presence of brachytherapy seeds adjacent to the posterior prostate capsule, the Denonvilliers’ fascia, or the rectal wall

  • Preexisting inflammatory disease of the colon or rectum; including proctitis, ulcerative colitis

  • Prior significant rectal surgery

  • Inability to insert or tolerate a transrectal ultrasound probe

  • Active urinary tract infection

  • Urethral stricture

  • Latex allergy.  Note:  Ablation with Sonablate requires that the transrectal probe be covered with a sheath prior to insertion, and the sheath provided for use is made from natural rubber latex. For those patients who are allergic to latex, a non-latex ultrasound probe sheath is available as an option; please contact your distributor or SonaCare Medical.
How long does a procedure take to deliver?
What size prostate can be ablated?
What are the anesthesia requirements?
What is the typical patient recovery time?
What type of catheter is used and how long is it left in place?
What is the cost of the Sonablate system?
Is there insurance reimbursement for the Sonablate procedure?

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